Management Consulting Services

The most comprehensive services available at Bobrowski & Mularczyk, P.C. are that of our management consulting. These services evolved from the more traditional services provided by our audit, accounting and tax specialists. The extensive knowledge of your business that our professionals develop, combined with our interest in your success, provides us with a unique opportunity to effectively consult with you on a wide variety of business problems. We can help you establish realistic financial, managerial and operational plans, often identifying better ways to accomplish goals. We can also assist you in the control of your organization’s growth in an effective manner by defining and developing strategies for resource allocation, cash flow needs, and staff utilization. Our management consulting services include:

Management Consulting

  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Strategic planning and financial analysis
  • Budget formulation and implementation
  • Merger, acquisition, expansion and diversification counseling
  • System studies and design
  • Inventory control
  • Third party financing
  • Personnel consulting
  • Advice on the establishment of a personnel benefit package
  • Development of business plans
  • Assistance in preparation of policy and personnel manuals

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